After our second journey to Mongolia in 2000, I started to work with gers. I was lucky to make my ger with Nooitmeerhaast at ADM. With a team of about 6 people we made 6 different gers under which the “Palace” with carved wood decorations and the “Castle” whit 4 doors. For 5 of them I made all the sewing : lining, felt , canvas , pyjama (outside cover) , and urg (crown cover).
We left for Spain in 2003 and started living in our 5 wall (6 meter) ger. I saw another ger here, which were still rare, found the owner, Mongolian woman and slowly started a little shop from which I was selling gers new and second hand. Helping people out who needed new covers, building up gers (that slowly popped up). and restore neglected Mongolian gers, I learned a lot about different yurts in different places.

Demontable floor for 5-khan Ger
Nar in Matavenero 2001

Beside gers , I worked for and lived in “yurtas artesenal”. Here we introduced the “pyjama” as an extra cover over the roof which protects the canvas for strong sun and prolonges the lifespam and the “sombrero” which is hanging in the crown to prevent the direct sun from coming in through the crown.

After 13 years I am specialized in sewing and building up gers/yurts.

You can contact me as well for help, information and advice. if you are interested in buying ,we are a brokerage for yurts and gers.