Yurt-building, Advice & Yurtbroker

Since there are several different types of ger and yurts made in Europe and different materials are being imported from Mongolia and other countries, you need to know a lot of details to count on when you buy a new or second-hand yurt.

For second-hand yurts, it is good to know what the quality is and in what state the yurt is.

For this, I am a broker, so I can inform and advise or go with you to see the yurt, to give you an idea of costs you have to make or can expect.

As well I can give you tips about building a floor and I can come to build up your yurt.

We repair yurt structures and I can give you advice about which yurt is suitable for you.

Except for the felt, we can sew any part of the yurt you need: lining, canvas, pyjama (outside cover), sombrero, and urkgh (crown cover).

In Spain, we have a team of experienced carpenters who make floors and kitchens, especially for yurts.

After 18 years we are specialized in sewing and building up yurts and gers.

Contact us for prices and more info.