Yurtcovers & Lining

We offer several types of yurt covers and can sew any part of the yurt you need:

Outside cover named pyjama, lining, waterproof membrane, crown-cover named urkgh, shadow cloth named sombrero and canvas.

For the outside cover,”pyjama” the white fabric and is the strongest but in some circumstances, a “deep-green”  or “café con leche” yurt cover is wanted.

The pyjama is made in one piece and holds all the underlaying fabrics in place: lining, felt and a waterproof layer which is mostly made in more parts not to make the separate parts too heavy.

The outside cover can be with decoration around the door and an endless knot above the door named “ulzi”.

The waterproof layer can be made from a damp-proof foil, acryl canvas from 230 grams, or a polyester canvas. Please contact us for options and prices.

For the lining there are several options:

  • White thin lining poly-cotton
  • Eco certificated off-white cotton
  • Mongolian traditional colored lining with decoration

Here we offer all these customized yurt covers that we have made throughout the years.

The prices do vary depending on sizes and material choices and whether you want us to install the covers for you, feel free to contact us.

Our Covers

Transparant waterproof urg
Transparant Waterproof Urg
Traditional mongolian ger cover
Traditional Mongolian Ger Cover
Traditional Mongolian Ger with Safran Cover
Transparant waterproof urg
Transparent Waterproof Urg
Nar in Matavenero 2001
Nar in Matavenero 2001
Transparant urg with fire retardant stovepipe transit
Transparent Urg with Fire Retardant Stovepipe Transit
yurta artesanal white pyjama
Yurta Artesanal White Pyjama
Colors and special details made on request
Colors & Special Details, made on request
yurt with earthy color pyjama
Yurt with Earthy Color Pyjama
Yurtcover pyjama made on size in off-white,earthy colors and safran-yellow
Yurt cover Pyjama, made on size in Off-white, Earthy Colors & Safran-Yellow